You Want to Send Out Professional Newsletters?

email marketingApart from a company website, there are hardly any forms of advertising more efficient than email marketing. By using emails, your contacts are kept up-to-date quickly, at low cost, and, most importantly, on a regular basis. Especially in times in trouble, your email distribution list can be your company’s lifeline.

In the past, most newsletter programs have been geared towards large companies. More recently, this has changed completely: We have taken an in-depth look at the most important email newsletter creation tools for small and medium businesses.

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Email Marketing: How Much Does It Cost?

calculatorNewsletters and auto-responders are often called the most cost efficient marketing channels in the world, compared to regular mail or even social media. But how much does it actually cost to send a newsletter? And which software is the least expensive?

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Email Marketing for Small Companies: Why?

arrowApart from an optimized company website, email marketing is the most efficient advertising tool you can find. The general idea is this: It’s much easier to raise your revenue with existing customers than to find new customers.

With this method, you contact your customers directly, and it costs less than a single cent per email. Before you order the next print mailing or advertising campaign, you should take a closer look at the benefits of email marketing.


Email Marketing Crash Course: how do I get started?

We are currently working on a comprehensive email marketing guide. It'll show you all the steps you need to send your first newsletter. Best of all, it'll be free! Sign up to receive your copy when it's ready!

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